We draw on our many years of experience to provide high quality assistance to the insurance industry in claims handling. We know the right questions to ask and we obtain information thoroughly to ensure the most accurate answers are found.

Our investigative and forensic engineering services are available to insurers, property managers, risk managers, builders and homeowners. We also provide expert witness testimony for the legal profession.

If a material, component or structure fails we work laboriously to find out why. Who is responsible? Why did the failure occur? Was it a design flaw or deficiency? Was it due to poor construction or improper materials? Is the structure safe, salvageable or does it need to be levelled?

We answer these questions using the following methods:

  • Careful photographic documentation
  • Precise measurements and field notes
  • Inclusion of witness interviews and review of information about the site
  • Review of construction drawings, building-department files, geotechnical reports

This process leaves our forensic engineers with one or more plausible hypotheses and enough information to determine what caused the loss event. Once the main cause of the failure is understood, the full extent and severity of the damage can be assessed and repair options evaluated.

Our forensic engineers are experienced and well versed in cases where there are conflicting views about how a loss event occurred. As well as establishing the cause of a loss event, Incode Engineers are also able to resolve issues that may arise in the technical and engineering fields. These issues may include laws related to the insurance policy or contract that applies to the loss incident in question.